Second week at the HDKI – Hombu Dojo Dublin

As I said in the previous post on Monday we started with a great class of Scott Langley Sensei. Tuesday we continued with morning training, but this time we did a kata session. Tuesday continues with some classes of children and adult training with Ross Sensei, and then i started to feel the physical fatigue product of the first week of hard training.

Wednesday, we started with a condensed session of tabata that gave way to the second part of the shodan syllabus from which I leave a video below.

After that I attended the Ross Sensei class where, with high intensity we outlined the last details of the syllabus for the students who are taking grading this weekend. 18209370_768318199994864_4679238936676777122_oFor the weekend of Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June 2017 a seminar with  Scott Langley Sensei, Jhon Keeling Sensei and Zack Stewart Sensei assisted by Palma Diosi Sensei  and Ross Stewart Sensei, in Dublin, were the  grading of the HDKI will be performed.

Wednesday continues with children’s classes and Ross Sensei and AJ Sensei evening class, with some drills of kumite, slow kumite, combinations, grapples, etc. Later with Ross Sensei class where we did a work of mutual correction with your partner, this type of work I think is very usefull for both since the one that perform makes the effort and mindfully performance while the other one observe carefully to detect any possible mistakes.

That day the dojo got his freshly painted logos on the wall.


Thursday morning training was focused on jiyu kumite, started with slow kumite, then enter the jiyu ippon kumite (which is also part of the shodan syllabus) and how this work should be faced by both karatekas,  here is a video that may clarify some of your doubts. Distance is key factor (enter to attack and going out to a safer distance), technique execution (dynamic), etc.

Friday, my free day, I take it with IMG_20170602_181008calm and I went to enjoy a sunny day in the Phoenix parc, nice and sunny weather so far!!

Saturday for me is a bit hard, the fatigue of the week accumulates, although Friday is a quiet day. In the last two sessions it became difficult to reach the explosiveness that requires a correctly executed kata as well as a state of optimum concentration, I do not stop thinking about alternatives to get my next Saturday at the dojo with a 100 percent performance.


Saturday night as well as the following days -Sunday and Monday bank  holiday – allowed me to know the city a little, to lose myself in its streets, and to make some new friends, finishing the day enjoying the songs of a group of irish spontaneous singers in a pub of the city center,  can I ask for more?

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