ENGLISH: HDKI headquarters intern #10 – Ismael Babeli

Few days ago I came back home after being a month in the Hombu Dojo, Dublin carrying out the HDKI internship. Little by little the fatigue is coming out, my body is still quite sore due to  the the intensity of the training and the living conditions of few comfort.

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Let me tell about my everyday life in the dojo, generally it consisted in attending to the morning trainings and the adult classes, in addition to help two hour per day in the children classes. Honestly, despite having physically prepared myself the previous month, during the first week I had aches and pain everywhere. Fortunately, during the following days this declined till finally disappear, partly thanks to the vitaminic supplements I was taking. The toughest week was the second one, everything wasn’t new anymore and the exhaustion started to carry weight, therefore time got slow and I couldn’t give my 100% in the trainings. For the third and fourth week my body was already used to the training routine and I started to notice some improvement in my karate, this gave me enough strength to perform my best,  keep trying to break y limits and enjoy more than never the trainings. And like this, in a blink of an eye arrived the day to return home.

One of the most astonishing things of the Hombu Dojo is the training environment and the surpassing attitude  present in all classes, a true passion for the art of karate could be smelled; specially during the morning trainings, normally exclusive for instructors and where very useful exercises were carried out as well as interesting debates. Without doubt those are the clases were more I’ve learned and more feedback I’ve received. Before going to bed when I had morning training the next day I used to say to myself:

Tomorrow you give your best and catch the others level

Even though I barely achieved my objective. In the evening classes, people are very nice and welcoming, besides there are very motivated young students, which made my spirit for karate grow even more.

This trip among other things has been useful for knowing myself better, I realized that giving classes is something which I really enjoy and fulfills me. Specially to the kids, for how amusing they are,, but also the adults for the challenge that implies. In addition I could get a closer knowledge about my body, owing to not only the constant push of it to the limit but also the living conditions in the dojo and the food (to go meals and prepared food from supermarket almost everyday). I was amazed for the quickly adaptation capacity and regeneration of the human body, it’s almost a perfect machine.

Now, get back to my everyday life has been a hard blow of reality, which has sadden me during some days, but now is time to integrate all the learned knowledge by training, which is such a challenge.

Without doubt, doing the internship has been one of my best experiences in life, not only because I had the pleasure to train with Scott Sensei and Ross Sensei (principally) receiving their advice and corrections permanently, helpling to improve not only my karate technique but also being inspired by their collective and passing on me part of their martial spirit.

Finally, thank the HDKI, for making me believe in karate again, HDKI Spain and RANAI DOJO for the support and for being the bridge to enjoy this tremendous opportunity.

PS: The internship was carried out during the month of September 2019

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