Sixth and Seventh week at the HDKI – Hombu Dojo Dublin

If you want to read some of the previous articles I recommend you see the first week, the second weekthird week the fourth and fifth week and by clicking on each one of them.

Sixth week

On Monday night class with Sensei Scott Langley we split Bassai Dai into small pieces of kihon to work in detail complex parts of this beautiful kata, I recommend this video where Sensei Scott gives instructions on how to do it, click here!

With this done, on Tuesday morning training I asked if we make Bassai Sho, a kata I had never practiced. As you probably know Bassai Dai is a strong kata, which shows power and solemnity, while Bassai Sho tries rather to be calm but containing a inner force, is a kata that contains movements of circular type, strong and continuous. Unlike some versions that you will see in Internet, in the movements 2 and 4 there we performed a movement of hip from shomen to hanmi (hip rotation); Also in movements 20, 23, 24 and 25 at the time of making the preparation we pwerformed a block at the jodan level.

During the week we continued with the routine training, with Sensei Ross in one of his classes we were able to work to preserve the solidity in lower body at the time that we look to unlock upper body. Here I leave you a video with AJ Sensei at the end of the class.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday competition camp with Plama sensei with the aim of preparing the Squad for the IJKA World Championship the following weekend, especially mentally. With not physically exhaustive training but very effective to achive the proper mindset.


In the meanwhile, in Norway, the Norwegian Summer Camp was ongoing with the Senseis Aidan Trimble, Rick Hotton, Richard Amos and Scott Langley. Perhaps one of the seminars with the highest quality of instructors. As is becoming usual in large seminars and with company of other instructors Sensei Scott made an FB Live of questions and answers with Rick Hotton Sensei, like the one I published a few weeks ago (click here!)

Here some images of the Norwegian Summer Camp

Seventh week

Monday and Tuesday Gojushiho Sho and Dai with Palma Sensei, part by part and comparing both Katas, a method that I liked very much, it helps to understand both katas, piece by piece and taking advantage that they have practically the same embusen to construct them simultaneously. Going into details of rhythm and kime, for two days we worked Gojushiho Sho and Gojushiho Dai. As Marc explains (student at Mutokukan Dojo) Gojushiho is translated like «fifty-four steps». However, this Kata does not have 54 steps but 65 -Sho- and 62 -Dai-. Its name is born from the bonds of Buddhism with number 108, which is the number of opprobriums (also called impurities provoking suffering) that must be overcome in order to «cleanse» or free oneself from the burden that weaves our way to enlightenment . It is also the number of steps leading to some Buddhist temples. Being 54 half of 108, this Kata takes the name of a multiple of 108, a numerical symbolism very present in Buddhist practitioners.

Wednesday, I decided to go to the doctor because of a health issue that worried me, the indication was to go to emergencies, so I took a flight and went to back Barcelona where my doctors attended me and I was able to rest for a few days until the following Wednesday. This didn’t stop me, so on Thursday night and after being attended the night before, I went to collaborate with the grading at Mutokukan dojo. I have to extend my sincere congratulations not only to Sensei Dídac but also to all the students who took the examinations and demonstrated that they fulfill and exceed the expectations for the level to which each of them was presented (IMHO), my invitation is that you all follow the path of learning and enjoying karate. After this we all went to the annual assembly to discuss the projects of the new year and a nice pizza dinner. I continued the week with a few days of rest.





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