Fourth and Fifth week at HDKI – Hombu Dojo Dublin

If you want to read some of the previous articles I recommend you see the first week, the second week and the third week by clicking on each one of them.

Fourth week

On Monday the fourth week started with a class from the Sensei Jon Keeling giving some ideas about variations to practice katas, such as kata on a single line, on the same site, specular version or make an infinite random kata changing from one kata to another In the movements that could be understood as common between one kata and another. I leave the video in reality virtual -VR 360- of a part of the class click here!.

The week continued its natural course between classes of children and classes with the instructors focusing mainly kumite points and combinations with target pads. In the morning trainings we practiced Kanku-Dai with special emphasis in the circular movements of the kata, in the hip rotation. We also reviewed the kicks, specifically the technical detail of the mae-geri, mawashi-geri and yoko-geri kicks. On Friday I had the opportunity to share the training with the Kata squad of the Hombu Dojo, a very good atmosphere and a tremendous execution of Kata Sochin by Sensei Ross, Sempai Tommy and Sempai Donal.

Screenshot_2017-06-26-10-49-35Saturday and under a tremendous heat, two and a half hours of kumite with Sensei Palma Diosi that took us to the limit, one of the intentions of the training was to minimize useless movements using combinations of tsukis with mawashi-geris.


Elements of Kanku-Dai by Sensei Scott Langley

Sunday was one of the hottest days of the year and I took it to know the town and the surroundings of Hothw, a coast town that is within Dublin, walking along the cliffs, then a good ice cream and a swim in the beach to recover energies.

Fifth week

Monday we entered into the katas Tekki, Tekki Shodan, Tekki Nidan, Tekki Sandan. First with kihon specific for kata focused on working hip rotation and hip vibration before entering the katas. I leave some of my notes regarding the first of them.

Tekki Shodan.

  • Second movement is done by blocking directly from yoi, no contraction of the arms
  • For the empi punch, hip rotation (trecer movement).
  • Also for fourth movement, the hikite.
  • Hip vibration for tsuki (sixth movement)
  • Uchi-uke can prepare from hikite position (eighth movement)
  • The combination that follows (ninth movement) use hip vibration.
  • Hiza-geri, of course, did not lean

I also leave a video where some elements of Tekki Sandan are highlighted by Sensei Scott Langley

The week continued its course with the morning training in which I can rescue the practice of the Empi kata, also I leave the following link where the key points of this kata are detailed (click here!), One of them and in which we made special Emphasis during the training was the progress towards kosadachi, in which you try to pull forward with the strength of the leg (mov number 8 of the video).

Empi Kata

Tube training, this exercise or exercise series tries to build strength in your center or core, as well as in the internal muscles of the legs, surely you can see how dificult it is for me, without a doubt the tube training is a point that I must incorporate into my training routine. With this, we seek, among other things, to activate both legs in the displacements, and to be able to carry out this expansion-contraction explosively and always keep a position from which to be able to exercise techniques or to escape, retrace, advance

After 5 weeks the balance is tremendously positive, a shock in terms of method of teaching and technical execution that helps me a lot to set new goals and new paths in the quest to improve my karate, smart training makes you realize Where are your weak points, evidently the eye of the experts of Hombu Dojo have been the prism for which I have been able to see these weaknesses, while also focusing on how to get rid of them.

  • Strengthening of the inner thigh muscles.
  • Keep the center line and therefore keep the center or core engaged.
  • Timing in the kicks, swing or vasculation of the hip at the time of impact, that is to say last 10 or 5% of the technique.

These are 3 points in which I must put much of the effort of my training since today they are an anchor to move forward.

IMG_20170623_201216The week after, Friday I took the opportunity to climb and distance myself from the routine I’ve had so far, Saturday will be an interesting day since a special event with 5 hours of training is organized in dojo, with the trainers Sensei Scott Langley, Sensei Tommy Butler, Sensei Jason Smyth, Sensei Palma Diosi and Sensei Ross Stewart.


After the hard training, between food and laughter we spent an afternoon in a very good company! And so are the other two weeks left.

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